Part Exchange

Why part exchange?

Part exchange enables you to enjoy a quick and simple move with none of the stresses and extra expense involved in trying to sell your existing home

A guaranteed buyer for your home
If you have been struggling to sell your home and are keen to move, a Part Exchange scheme could be the perfect solution.

Whether you’re about to welcome a new addition to the family, need to relocate or simply want to move to a better property, with a guaranteed buyer you can make your move a reality. Some developers may buy your home for 100% of its market value, leaving you free to move into a new home.

Part Exchange houses: the key benefits

A guaranteed buyer for your existing home
No estate agent fees to pay
No chains or last minute hitches

No estate agent fees
By choosing to part exchange, you could have a guaranteed buyer and a house to move into, so there will be no estate agent fees to pay. Save the money you would have spent on estate agents and spend it however you like: new furniture for your new house or a holiday perhaps?

Part Exchange

in 6 easy steps:

Choose your new home.
Your Sales Adviser will explain the criteria which your current home has to meet to qualify for a Part Exchange scheme.
Valuations will be arranged on your property and usually an offer made subject to a Homebuyer’s survey and all searches.
If you are happy with the offer, you can reserve your chosen home, safe in the knowledge that both your sale and purchase are secure.
The builder will guide you through the buying process and be responsible for selling your old home; You will be asked to allow viewings at convenient times.
You can stay in your old home until your new home is ready

No chains or last minute hitches
Stress when moving home is often caused by relying on other people. From fears your buyers will pull out at the last minute to delays in moving caused by people further up the chain, it is often frustrating and stressful to have your plans change or be put on hold because of others.

With a Part Exchange scheme, you can eliminate the stress that comes with chains and last minute hitches. As the developer buys your home directly from you, there are no chains to worry about. And provided everything goes to plan, you could be in your new house within a few weeks.