What is a desktop valuation for help to buy.

The help to buy valuation lasts for three months after which you can extend the valuation for a further three months with a desktop valuation.

This is provided by the original surveyor who is not required to re-visit the property but is required to re-confirm the valuation. If the valuation has changed then, further comparable evidence with be required by Target.

The desktop valuation must be sent to Target within 2 weeks of the original valuation expiring and will only be valid for a further 3 months.

The criteria for this Desktop Valuation are:

  • The Valuer must refer back to the original report and confirm the updated report is a Desktop Valuation.
  • The Valuer must be the original surveyor from the first inspection. They do not need to re-inspect the property, but they must make reference to this original report.
  • The Valuer must provide at least 6 comparable properties and sale prices within the last year if the property has increased or decreased in value. If 6 are not available, your surveyor must state this clearly. Comparable properties used must be a similar house type. The report must have a new date on it and be signed by the Valuer.
  • The report must be on headed paper and provided in a PDF format or a non-editable document.

desktop valuation for help to buy

The cost of our help to buy desktop extension is £60 inc vat.

If you require further information or advice – or wish to book a help to buy  desktop valuation then please contact us

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