Help to Buy Scheme Redemption

As part of your Payback process you will need a RICS Help To Buy scheme valuation carried out by a RICS Registered Valuation Surveyor. Target require the Help to Buy scheme valuation to establish the Market Value of your property whether you have sold or are just repaying the loan.

We have now carried out over 3000 Help to Buy Valuations and Desktops.

The cost of our Help To Buy Valuation is £250 (This includes VAT).

Valuation Criteria

The criteria for the valuation scheme is quite strict and Target will reject incorrect/incomplete valuation reports. We have carried out over 3,000 RICS Help to Buy scheme valuations with no rejections. This is because we were initially appointed as one of the preferred RICS Surveyors for the repayment scheme and our help to buy valuation report is specifically designed for the payback process. The latest administrators – Target – now do not refer to the panel surveyors and refer you directly to the RICS website.

Our RICS Help to Buy scheme valuation fulfils the criteria required by Target for your redemption but our speciality lies with the advice we give to our clients. Having advised on how to repay the Help to Buy loan as part of our valuation service, our testimonials confirm that some of our quickest paybacks have been completed in minutes. The RICS valuation is an important part of the process but knowing what else to submit, understanding what is required by Target, and the actual advice we give to clients on the submission and telephone discussion, has led to numerous successful redemptions

How do I payback my Loan is one of the most frequent questions we are asked – we consider that the experience and advice we have to offer, combined with the RICS valuation, makes our service unique and at £250 including the VAT – the most comprehensive and competitive service around.

Please feel free to email us with any questions – – or alternatively book a valuation appointment with us – Request a help to buy valuation.